About Us

Concerned senior citizens, along with the Hancock County Council on Aging, the Central Indiana Council on Aging, and the Interlocal Community Action Program, saw a need and were willing to devote time, funds, and creativity to see that a senior service organization was developed to meet those needs.

Established in 1978, Hancock County Senior Services provides in-home, non-medical support services to persons over the age of 60, to those with disabilities of any age, and particularly to low-income residents.

In 2005, Hancock Area Rural Transit expanded the Senior Services Transportation Program to serve county residents who are under 60 years of age. See the Services page for transportation details.

Hancock County Senior Services, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Suzanne Derengowski – Executive Director – suzanned@hcssi.org
Vicki Adams – Director of Operations – vicki.adams17@hcssi.org
Janice Weber – Home Service Coordinator – jweber@hcssi.org                                        Joyce Harris – Transit Operations Coordinator – transitcoordinator@hcssi.org
Linda Horine – Transportation Dispatcher
Julia Glass – Transit Assistant

Jinx Oberly, Chair
Fred Wright,  Vice Chair
Ann Jaggers, Secretary
Jordyn Kramer, Treasurer

Ron Anderson
Pamela Bennett
Sally Brown
Steven Emmons
Sharon Kramer
Kim Lozier
Phyllis Polizotto
Liz Rusche
Monica Sexton